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Cobalto is a studio that includes ceramic and workshops

Ateliê Cobalto- Cerâmica, Ilustração, Workshops, Olaria- Braga

Costumize your piece with me 💙

The Ocean Collection is made up of three types of pieces:
"Fuscos", "Caeruleum" and "Litorum"

Each one with a characteristic color palette, designed entirely by hand and without molds.


So far, only seven pieces from the Ocean Collection have been produced and quickly sold and now it's your turn to have a piece of the Sea with you.


But now with great news: you will be able to choose the dimensions of your piece, your creation.

To do this, fill out the simple form, which will allow you to personalize your work, your Ocean!

New pieces about Love for Nature.
Take care of your 🌼 like you take care of yourself 💙

New Workshops. New experiences...


Ceramic and Drink

May 11th and 18th (Saturday) - sold out 

3pm- 6pm

June 7th (Friday)

July 5th (Friday) 

6:30pm- 9pm

Kintsugi Workshop

June 8th (Saturday)

2pm- 6pm


Dream Catcher Macramé Workshop

June 14th (Friday)

6pm- 8:30pm

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