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The Daisy Collection is made up of five exclusive vases, each with a wish, so you can choose your perfect piece 🥰

So you can choose your flower vase, your color, your flower.


Flower Vase I (Blue - Pink): Tranquility in Romance.

Flower Vase II (Pink - Greenish Blue): Sweetness and kindness in life.

Flower Vase III (Lilac - Brown): Balance between feeling and thinking.

Flower Vase IIII (Red - Green): Strong love and passion.

Flower Vase V (Green - Beige): Feel the moment.


Wish the best for you, while you take care of your flowers 💙

Flower Vase | Daisy Collection

VAT Included |
  • This is an exclusive ceramic piece, designed and painted entirely by hand, by the artist Mariana Jerónimo, without molds, with 100% Portuguese clay and glaze, supporting the local trade.

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