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Bestia quo vadis? | Cerambyx Cerdo

Bestia quo vadis? | Cerambyx Cerdo

VAT Included

One of the eight pieces belonging to the collection "Bestia quo vadis?", which focuses on the importance of the ecosystem and the preservation of essential insect species. The piece shows the raw side of nature, along with a strong color palette that underlines the importance of the beetles on the planet. The piece was designed to be placed under a table or on a wall.

  • Made in Portugal

    This is an exclusive ceramic piece, designed and painted entirely by hand, by the artists Mariana Jerónimo and Miguel Fernandes, without molds, with 100% Portuguese clay and glaze, supporting the local trade.

  • Piece details

    Year: 2022

    Dimensions: 32 x 33 x 18 cm

    Material: glazed white clay

  • Delivery or refund policy

    Envio no prazo de 1–3 dias úteis.

    Para informações sobre Envios, Trocas e Reembolsos, dirija-se às FAQs.

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